Coronavirus! Is it a Thing to Celebrate? See to what extent People can be Foolish

See this list of videos to believe it, which is circulating all across.

From different parts of the nation, netizens were stunned to see people in mass hitting the lanes Celebrating #ThaaliBajao movement to show appreciation for health workers and other people involved in the drive.

But what came into shocking was the foolishness of people, instead of appreciation drive it became a mass celebration for people who clogged up in group with drums, plates, and other musical instruments.

Responding to the request given by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to remain inside their homes on Sunday as what was the motive of #jantacurfew and applauding the people involved in the drive, but India went to a crushing end.

After Prime Minister Narendra Modi's plea, 'Janata Curfew' was to a great extent followed by the nation, with individuals remaining in their homes on Sunday to an attempt to minimize the spread of Coronavirus/Covid-19 infection. And everything went on vain in some parts of the country when the time arrived for #ThaaliBajao applaud, in which people were asked to show their appreciation on health, clinical and emergency laborers at 5 pm.

Hence due to some foolish people the campaign went futile in several parts of the nation. Recordings and videos circulated everywhere showed people gathering in groups in various parts of the country, totally invalidating the aim behind the deliberate lockdown.

People Via social networking media, showed their criticism and concern on this. Mention how foolish and irresponsible people can be. See the below list of videos circulating on social media and other platforms to believe this.

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Hope this trend does not follow again in the lockdown period and people become more responsible and aware about this dangerous virus.

Viruses do not care about race, religion, politics, skin, fat, thin whatever and they only abide by the guidelines provided by experts in the segment.

SHARE this link on your post so that people don’t repeat such foolish act any more.

Be Safe and keep People Safe by creating Social Distancing.

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