Sample letter of recommendation-How to write positive recommendation

Updated: Mar 3

Recommendation letter format

We shall take you through two categories of recommendation letters- recommendation letter for student and recommendation letter for job

How to request a letter of recommendation?

Step-by-step instructions to request a letter of recommendation

Requesting a recommendation letter can be a stressful experience, but it doesn't need to be.

Most of the time, the person you ask will be flattered that you believe them enough to compose that letter for you.

Also, speaking of flattery, it doesn't hurt to tell them why you think their evaluation of you is not significant, particularly at an expert limit.

Tell the person you are asking why you estimate your evaluation and how you feel your expert experience will help you in your search for your next activity.

In fact, this may seem basic mellow words, and it certainly does not hurt to give some internal self-feeding along with your request, however, what is more significant, it shows the person who is asking you who is doing your exploration and ensuring that the letter they compose is directly for the activity you are requesting

You are showing them that you trust their feeling and feel good by allowing them to inspect you and offer you that evaluation with your potential future boss.

What to write in a letter of recommendation?

  • The first sentence of a recommendation letter should state "To whom it may concern", since it is not known precisely who will understand it and there may be numerous people examining the proposal letter.

  • In the main section, look at the name of the person who prescribed it and how well you know it. Also, look at the limit on which you are writing the suggestion letter, what your qualifications are or to what extent your vocation has been working.

  • Write some sections that refer to your encounters with the work with the individual who was prescribed, and be sure to incorporate explicit models for greater reality and to be progressively close to your home. With your representations of the encounters you have with the suggested individual, be sure to extract the characteristics of the individual.

  • The last closure of the proposal letter must contain the real suggestion, with a wording, for example, "I recommend with all my heart ..." naming the individual and what he prescribes for. Strengthen your proposal by including a brief synopsis of the characteristics of the suggested individual and proceeding with faith in the individual.

There are different types of templates for letter of recommendation and here is the list.

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  • sample letter of recommendation job

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  • sample letter of recommendation for scholarship

  • sample letter of recommendation teacher

  • sample letter of recommendation for law school

  • sample letter of recommendation personal

  • sample letter of recommendation for immigration residency


Sample letter of recommendation job

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Dear Mr./Ms. Lastname:

I'm writing to recommend Harry Paul for the post of retail deals partner at Wall Makers Company. I've worked with Harry for as long as five years at Moon Fiber Inc. in New Jersey, and I was usually amazed with his capacity to deal with clients and to function admirably with his associates.

I have been Harry’s administrator for the five years he has worked with us. He welcomes clients with a grin, and his skill is to such an extent that he is constantly ready to address their inquiries. His business numbers have expanded each year, and we're miserable to lose him as a representative; however we realize he'll be moving to your city very soon.

Harry would be a great asset to your business group. Moreover, I accept he's prepared for a entry level administration position. He has an incredible compatibility with his colleagues, and they appreciate working with him. I'm certain he'd be great as a move boss or right hand supervisor.

If it's not too much trouble don't hesitate to get in touch with me by email ( or call at (1234567890) on the off chance that you have any inquiries.


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Scholarship Sample Recommendation Letter





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